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Asset Management Program

Course 1 - Principles of Asset Management

  • Introduction
  • Gain an overview of asset management principles and practices. Examine the function and importance of asset management for a wide variety of organizations. Understand key aspects of asset management including:

    • Risk Assessment;
    • Legal, Regulatory, Ethical and Social Requirements; and
    • Lifecycle Cost Models.


  • Course Length: 21 Hours, 3 Classes


Course 2 - Asset Related Risk Assessment

  • Introduction
  • Examine the anticipation, measurement and management of asset-related risks. Topics included:

    • Risk Assessment and Management;
    • Quality Assurance;
    • Risk in Relation to Cost-Benefit Analysis;
    • Regulatory and Statutory Requirements;
    • Compliance and Audits;
    • Measures and Methods for Controlling Risk; and
    • Organizational Learning and Continuous Improvement.


  • Course Length: 15 Hours, 2 Classes


Course 3 - Managing Asset Lifecycle Decisions and Activities

  • Introduction
  • Explore the management of the asset lifecycle; from the decision to acquire or develop new assets through to specification, procurement, installation, operation, maintenance, repair and refurbishment and, ultimately, decommissioning and disposal.


  • Course Length: 21 Hours, 3 Classes


Course 4 - Asset Management Policy, Strategy and Planning

  • Introduction
  • Gain an understanding of the drivers of short, medium and long term business goals at a high level. This course explores the fundamental concepts of how asset related business goals are translated into overall organizational strategic plans.


  • Course Length: 15 Hours, 2 Classes


Course 5 - Financial and Business Impact of Asset Management

  • Introduction
  • Explore the financial and business impacts of asset management. Key issues include:

    • Making Informed Decisions About Asset Management and Investments;
    • Assessing the Need for Such Decisions;
    • Analyzing Business Needs Related to Asset Acquisition or Development; and
    • Assessing Asset Related Risks, Costs and Benefits.


  • Course Length: 21 Hours, 3 Classes


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