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PSAMS offers consulting services to its clients for their electrical assets at all voltage classes. Our services can be classified into two major areas – asset management and failure analysis.

Asset management

PSAMS is helping its clients to develop or improve their asset management system since 2005 We have helped our clients with asset management audit in line with PASS 55 framework, gap analysis, developing asset management policies, guidelines, standards, performing FMEA (failure mode and effect analysis), RCM (reliability centred maintenance) analysis, asset criticality assessment, risk assessment, safety and regulatory compliance assessment and developing RBM (reliability based maintenance) strategies, CBM (condition based maintenance) strategies.

We strongly believe that a holistic approach should be taken for development and implementation of asset management policy. Some of the Asset Management clients include

Cenovus Energy, Canada   

  • Developed FMEA (FAILURE MODE AND EFFECT ANALYSIS) and Maintenance Standard for major electrical asset types
  • Developed Maintenance Program for electrical assets
  • Reviewed Test Report for maintenance and diagnostic tests for Transformers and Cable; developed Maintenance Procedure for them

CNRL, Canada         

  • Performed Asset Management Audit
  • Developed Asset Management Standard 
  • Performed FMEA and Criticality Ranking for Electrical Assets
  • Developed Maintenance Standard of Electrical Assets
  • Built Job Plans for preventive and predictive maintenance of Electrical Assets 
  • Development of Overhead Line Operation and Maintenance Standard

Suncor Energy, Canada      

  • Developed Electrical Safety standards and Safe Operating Procedures for electrical assets
  • Developed maintenance test procedures for major electrical assets combining into a maintenance manual

Nova Chemicals, Canada    

  • Revised their Maintenance Strategy Selection Framework
  • Performed FMEA, RCM and developed maintenance strategies for 19 major assets types

Inter Pipeline Fund, Canada           

  • Developed Maintenance Program Cable, Motor, Transformer


Failure Analysis

We perform failure analysis of electrical assets for our clients. Failure analysis projects often combine with failure investigation, diagnostics tests, specialized tests, analysis of failure pattern and modelling based on engineering principles, industry standards and best practices. Recommendations of failure analysis invariably include a short term (interim) solution and an engineered solution options. Recommendation for improving specific operational practices or control measures often strengthen our solutions.

Suncor Energy, Canada

Analyzed induced voltage issues on a 25 kV shielded cable that posed extreme shocking hazards to the operation and maintenance personnel. We modelled the induced voltage based on applicable IEEE standards and outline potential solutions for it. Upon studying the associated system and their design parameters, and applicable standards engineered solution will be designed.

Inter Pipeline, Canada

Investigated the catastrophic failure of 3 VFDs in a single event, planned, captured and analyzed Power Quality data on the system and identified potential causes of the failure and potential risk of regulatory compliance.

EPCOR, Canada

Investigated a catastrophic failure of Lightning Arrester on a 25 kV overhead power line. Performed visual inspection, electrical tests and forensic analysis of the arresters and came up with specific recommendations for the client.


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