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CSA Z463 “Maintenance Guidelines for Electrical Power Systems"

Further to this Dr. Ghosh has taken a double working group lead position within the Z463 committee and John Hodson is involved in working groups and as well has been appointed Chairman of the communications sub-committee. Watch for updates on committee progress as we work towards building a world class reference document in this area.

This new CSA Guideline will focus on principles of predictability, expected failure modes, and pre-emptive scheduled maintenance to avoid extensive downtime and maintain a state of readiness for critical equipment. It will be developed to address the needs of small and medium-sized organizations that do not have established maintenance programs in place.

This new guidance document is to be developed through CSA’s consensus process by a soon-to-be-formed Technical Committee. This new Committee will be composed of representatives drawn from both our Electrical Standards Program and our Occupational Health & Safety Standards Program. Members will be selected based on their representation of key stakeholder groups from across Canada and others who supply electrical equipment and services to Canadian industrial and commercial workplaces.

This CSA Guideline is to be based on Canadian Electrical Code standards, OHS standards (e.g., Z462, Workplace Electrical Safety), and other industry maintenance standards (e.g., NEMA, NFPA, NETA, and IEEE).

PSAMS is developing transformer diagnostic software

PSAMS is developing transformer diagnostic software with a major partner. This first part software will be for specific diagnostics regarding some relatively new and unique specialized off line testing. As this beta version software is tested and confirmed operational it will become part of an ever-expanding library. The ultimate and complete version of this software suite will encompass all manner of "off" and "on" line testing and monitoring of transformers and their associated accessories. The software will perform a continuous evaluation of equipment condition and report based on all parameters as to potential remedial actions required or incipient failure. Watch December 2009 issue of Electrical Line Magazine for advertisement of PSAMS and an article regarding CBM or Condition Based Maintenance.

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