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Electrical engineering company relying on senior and expert resources along with the very best test equipment. Areas of excellence include specialized electrical testing and diagnostics, expert witness, failure analysis, maintenance audit, maintenance program development, testing standards development, test plans and technical training.

PSAMS is a conditioned based and risk based maintenance procedure industry leader. We have partnered with both software and hardware companies to provide equipment reliability solutions around the world. Building a solid industry reputation and leveraging relationships with existing industry leaders. PSAMS is working diligently to provide software tools and data acquisition hardware towards a CBM approach to maintenance.

PSAMS Experts have accumulated decades of best practice experience and knowledge in the management of electric utility and industrial power system assets and efficient cost-effective operations and maintenance solutions. Experts have successfully provided engineering and asset management services to utilities and industries for generation, transmission and distribution assets. Experts have also provided professional mentoring, guidance and integration services to a wide range of facilities and clients in fully and effectively implementing Asset Management System.

Engineering Services

PSAMS has the expertise and resources to provide everything from engineering specification to turn key integration with on-site training and continued support related to power equipment:

  1. Engineering Analysis – load flow, short circuit, protection coordination, arc flash hazard calculation, cable sizing and substation ground grid design.
  2. Prepare engineering specification for power equipment.
  3. Prepare equipment requisition, evaluate bids and order packages.
  4. Review vendor drawings.
  5. Electrical design and drafting e.g. SLD, wiring, schematic, three line, etc for construction, integration and turnover packages.
  6. Design and integrate on-line condition monitoring system for large or critical Transformer, Cable, Switchgear.

Advanced Testing Services

  1. Cable Commissioning and Maintenance Tests – Insulation Resistance, VLF Tan-delta, Partial Discharge, Dielectric Spectroscopy.
  2. Transformer Commissioning and Maintenance Tests – Power Factor, SFRA, Partial Discharge, Dielectric Spectroscopy, Tap Changer Diagnostic along with more basic Turns Ratio, Winding Resistance, Capacitance and Dissipation Factor.
  3. CTs and PTs Commissioning and Maintenance Tests - Power Factor, Turns Ratio, Winding Resistance, Capacitance and Dissipation Factor, Primary Injection.
  4. Switchgear Commissioning and Maintenance Tests – Breaker Timing and Travel, Partial Discharge, Power Factor, Insulation Resistance, SF6 Purity/SF6 Leak Detection.
  5. Capacitor Bank Commissioning and Maintenance Tests –Capacitance and Dissipation Factor and Insulation Resistance.
  6. Switches Commissioning and Maintenance Tests – Contact Resistance and Insulation Resistance.
  7. Motor Commissioning and Maintenance Tests – PI/DAR Test, Winding Resistance Test, Hipot Test, Tan-delta Test, Surge Test, Partial Discharge Test, and On-line Test.
  8. Electrical Protection System Tests – Relay tests and Battery System Tests.

Consulting Services

  1. Development of Electrical Equipment Maintenance Standard.
  2. Conduct Detailed On-site Electrical Maintenance Audit.
  3. PAS55 based Asset Management Audit.
  4. Development of Maintenance Strategy based on Failure Mode, Effect and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) tool.
  5. Development of SOPs and Maintenance Procedures for Electrical Equipment.
  6. Failure Analysis of Transformers, Cables and Switchgear. Expert Witness.
  7. Review of Specifications for Transformers, Cables and Switchgear for CBM options.
  8. Factory witness testing for end user.
  9. End of Life Assessment of Transformer, Cable and Switchgear.

Technical Engineering Training Services

  1. Maintenance and Testing of Power Transformers (2 days).
  2. Maintenance and Testing of Medium Voltage Power Cables (2 days).
  3. Maintenance and Testing of Medium Voltage Switchgear (2 days).
  4. Electrical Protection System (2 days).
  5. Cable Fault Locating (2 days).

Additional course and client specific request courses are available.

Software Products

  1. Web-based Cable Life Cycle Management Software.
  2. Web-based Transformer Life Cycle Management Software.


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