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PSAMS is providing the following specialized cable testing and root cause analysis services to Nova Chemicals and KKAI.

Nova Chemicals Specialized Cable Testing

PSAMS has been hired by Nova Chemicals Joffre Plant since Nov 2010 to resolve the problem in one of their 15kV Cable Circuit. The Scope of Work entails the following:

  1. Review the past DC Hipot and VLF Tan-delta (TD) test results.
  2. Recommendation for further tests to resolve current issue with the cable circuit. PSAMS identified VLF Partial Discharge (PD) Test to locate the source of the high leakage current.
  3. Arrangement of test equipment including review of specifications
  4. Preparation of test procedures and test sheets for TD and PD
  5. Test support at site
  6.  Interpretation of test results, preparation of test report and presentation

Kevin Kennedy and Associates Inc. (KKAI) Current Transformer Root Cause Analysis

PSAMS has been hired by KKAI since Feb 2011 to undertake root cause analysis for Current Transformer (CT) used in Energy Meters. The Scope of Work entails the following:

A. Dismantle Sample Transformers without damaging them.
     Perform a review of the transformer data, observe the as built construction, and mechanically observe any layout or
     construction approaches that may contribute to failure

  1. Perform Electrical Tests on the as received failed transformer
  2. Mechanically dismantle the failed transformer

B. Perform Electrical Tests and dismantle good transformers
    Electrical Tests are winding resistance, Ratio, Magnetization Curve and Polarity

C. Tests to include the following lab analyses:

  1. Photo survey
  • Remove windings for counting turns
  • Inspect unwinding to look for insulation void and turn to turn shorts
  • Perform a detailed microscopic inspection regarding potential insulation voids/ turn to turn shorts
  • Establish type, grade and quality of wire insulation
  • If possible, establish if wire is over tensioned (stretched) during manufacture


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